My first NFT! A collaboration with ERGO and Raivo

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4 min readMar 11, 2021

Non-fungible tokens are taking over and it’s easy to understand why. Crypto is opening up doors for all kinds of industries bo be changed, improved and reinvented.

We’ve been observing this with the rising popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We’ve seen Bitcoin become a new kind of asset class on its own as institutions hopped on board, invested billions and made Bitcoin one of the most valuable assets in the world.

We’re seeing this happen in the world of financial services, where decentralized finance (DeFi) is opening the doors to better and cheaper services that rely on no third-party or middlemen, including decentralized loans, trading and more.

Now, we’re seeing how a relatively old concept in the world of Blockchain technology, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are shaking up multiples industries, from the art world to gaming, NFTs are taking over the cryptosphere and becoming more popular

The Ergo NFT competition

With this in mind, Ergo recently launched a NFT auction competition, where members of the community can submit their NFTs for auction and chance winning a prize of up to 1000 Ergo Tokens ($ERG). Ergo is making great strides in the world of DeFi and NFTs as a layer1 project that focuses on security and scalability.

As a member of the Ergo community and art lover myself, I decided to join the competition. There are many artists who are currently suffering with the COVID-19 restrictions and tattoo artists may be some of the most heavily impacted by this.

As so, I decided to team up with a Portuguese tattoo artists and friend known as Raivo to create a physical and digital NFT which has been submitted to the Ergo auction house.

ERGO Physical and Digital NFT

The NFT is currently being auctioned on Ergo and is one of the latest submissions to the contest. Pictures of the physical piece can be found below:

The piece is 92 x 92 cm and painted on screen with acrylic ink with a varnish finish.

The Ergo piece can be found in the Ergo auction house and the token can be checked in the Ergo block explorer here.

Ergo by Raivo token address: 0ae94e2a1c9de2dae069dfcbcfd10df10fed05be2dc265c3dadaa6c6fca1d800

Ergo by Raivo on the Ergo auction house:

This information will be written down on the piece itself and will be shipped alongside an authenticity document created by Raivo which can be seen below. The shipping details will later be discussed with the winner of the auction but a tracking link will be provided to ensure the piece arrives safely.

The initial bidding price is 200 ERG. Some may see this as being expensive but do keep in mind that this is a physical NFT and the winning bid will cover shipping expenses etc. If there are no further bids, I’ll happily keep the painting for myself as it sits nicely in my living room. :)


Raivo is a 29 year old who works as a forklift operator 8 hours per day. During the remaining 16 hours he does his best to draw, tattoo, sleep and be with his loved ones.

His name (which is similar to anger in portuguese) is the fortunate result of picking his favorite letters from the alphabet. Since anger is “RAIVA” in portuguese, Raivo opted to pick an “O” for the final letter. His instagram handle is “@RaivoRaivo”. Raivo stated in a previous interview for a Portuguese publication:

“The interest for caligraphy game with time. In 2006, I took the first steps into the world of graffiti and with time I learned that letters were what I loved the most about the art. I was the typical kid who scribbled school tables instead of paying attention in school. In college I took the Communication Design course and I think that was a further push to understanding letters and different ways to use them to convey a message beyond the writing itself”

Raivo added:

“I’ve recently started to tattoo, and it’s amazing to realize that there are people who love what I do with lettring so much that they want them permanently inked on their skin, but it’s also a whole new and scary learning process that comes with a great deal of responsibility associated with tattooing in general.

Follow Raivo and feel free to reach out for any collaborations or job requests:



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