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6 min readJul 9, 2021

We’ve held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) in DefiDiscussion telegram chat in the past weeks. Where one of the co-founders of DaoMaker addressed multiple questions regarding our project and what the future holds for us.

We were happy to see that the community supports our partnership with DaoMaker, as we have received a lot of engagement from all parties involved in the live event.

With our alpha stage releasement in the next few weeks, we feel it is essential for our gamers to know more about the Gold Fever. Thus, this article will go over some questions that we find to be important for our community.

Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself and Gold Fever?

I am a co-founder of DAO Maker. Today, though, I’ll be presenting Gold Fever, as it is one of the supporting projects. I have presented only a handful of projects such as Ecomi, Orion, and Hord. Gold Fever is the fourth. I have to feel something is shaking the industry to present it on behalf of the team.

Ecomi was the first one to bring brands like Disney to the market. Orion is changing the way we access trades on-chain. Hord is the first attempt to making a business model out of ETFs.

Gold Fever is the only game I have seen in the industry that is first a game, and then a crypto integrator.

Q.1.Tell us what #Gold Fever is and what are you guys trying to showcase? The community is eager to know.

A.1. I’ll let the game trailer speak for itself. You can check the trailer here.

Gold Fever is a Role-Playing Game(RPG). An interesting note is that Vitalik was fed up with the lack of player ownership in games while playing World of Warcraft… and so began the first conceptualization of smart contract blockchain.

Players are split into different roles — Adventurers and tribals. All players also have to build up skills. Since it is a role-playing game, some players might just end up focusing on expanding skills indefinitely. But the main goal is to develop skills, join teams of either adventures or tribals, and compete on the map. By competing, you either grow your control of map resources or just focus on being a ruthless killer.

Q.2.So, is the game based on finding gold on that island?

A.2. Much more than that. It’s an entire economy, region, lifecycle.

Some players will take roles as skilled experts and focus on that, building up their roles within the game as, say, craftsmen. Most will likely focus on combat as that is the main fun part, which means they will level up combat skills by fighting map characters and taking on more dangerous fights against other players.

But the interesting factor here is that there is an element of being a map investor. Game economies are massive, and game items can be very viable, so it’s about building skills while competing with others.

The proposition here is, instead of the game company itself owning the map, players can own it, the land, the resources, even travel facilities, thus creating a player-run game economy. You could buy a plane, lease it through an NPC (that you hire), and players will lease it to travel the map faster. I flew the plane it in btw, not that easy.

So, summing up, It’s like large role-playing games.

  • you build individual skills
  • you can focus on non-combat skills and just evolve on particular challenges you like. Perhaps you want to be the best craftsman in the game
  • most people often focus on combat, and these are a different set of skills
  • some people may focus on adventure elements and just to beat the map rather than other players
  • there will be some people who will treat game wealth as a skill in itself

Q.3.please tell us about the history of creating Gold Fever. What is the story behind its origin? When did it start?

A.3. The team began with the game story and designs in 2019. In 2020, they began developing it with their savings. In Jan 2021, they got some funding to expand the team (now 25+) and develop the game faster.

The idea of the game is from the founder’s love of gaming and with the belief that the best game possible is the one that is entirely player-owned. I know that many crypto projects have tried to make player-owned games: Axie, Sandbox, Alien Worlds, but these aren’t even games. A lot of crypto games get stuck in focusing on traders. They end up making purely collectible NFTs, which is entirely just a mockery of the word gaming.

Q.5.Who is the major Audience of Gold Fever? Is there any focus on non-Crypto gamers who don’t have any knowledge about NFTs?

A.5. The exciting thing here is that the game items have a constant demand function from players. Now the main part is the game is not paid to play. Players can acquire game currency from the game like any game, but buying the currency allows you to tap into more, much more.

It focuses on traditional gamers as a priority. By integrating crypto, it can bootstrap advanced game economy functions. What are these?

Like people buying up a plane to lend to gamers, cashflow asset, the crypto market is more attuned to making such moves rather than gamers. So it’s a mesh of two worlds.

You can use in-game money to move faster using transportation, for example. Obviously, you can acquire such items by playing but buying them ensures accelerating the gaming experience.

Q.6.Can we fix the rental charges? Or is it pre-fixed?

A.6.It depends. The owner charges as they like. There is a fixed supply of resources, though. So, demand for planes may go up, but plane supply won’t match that.

I think it remains just too essential to emphasize that it’s an actual game. It is created for the biggest entertainment sector in the world, real gaming, not for NFT traders.

Q.7. Apart from DAO Maker, who are the partners strategically helping in the growth of Gold Fever?

A.7. It had early support from traditional market funds like BlueBridge. Recently, it got additional backing from 2 crypto exchanges.

Q.8.Can you give us an overview of the Token and its uses?

A.8. Advanced game rights like access to specific map locations are limited to token staking or burning (this is available in-game to players as just simple clicks)

  • The purchase of game resources and transport
  • Purchase of skins (this is a massive market on its own)
  • Internal game lending between players

Q.9. Can you please tell me something about the token burn?

A.9. The game has a “limited rights” function. This means access to certain parts of the map, access to certain items, access to certain characters, and so on, requires a token burn.

Players in the game pay a sort of “tribute” with which NGL (tokens) are deducted from their inventory. It feels simple enough in the game, on-chain, those tokens are burned, so permanent reduction of net supply.

About Gold Fever

Gold Fever is a challenging free-to-play RPG that leverages the power of the blockchain with the creation of a decentralized economy.

Gold Fever, in its essence, is a thrilling and addictive online multiplayer video game, mirroring the physical world into the digital one and allowing players to take actual ownership of scarce in-game items through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

The Gold Fever economy is a junction of many moving parts that are dynamically adjusted. In Gold Fever, all participants have a seat at the table. Being able to vote and to dictate the future of the game through the governance token. Used for proposals on how to improve/evolve this digital world economy.

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